What We Do

We come alongside individuals and teams to unlock potential, primarily within non profit organizations and churches. Drawing on years of leadership experience and time-tested tools like the Enneagram, we offer fresh insight about core motivations and behaviors impacting emotional intelligence, relational effectiveness, and leadership impact. Then, we identify barriers to remove and strategies to engage for meaningful growth.


The Enneagram goes beyond traditional assessments that simply identify patterns of behavior. It connects the motivation driving behavior, which is critical to true transformation.

Easy, Prompt Scheduling

When you have realized a change is needed or have bumped up against a barrier for growth, you want to get started right away. We get it.

Affordable Solutions

Our clients seek personal growth, team development or Non-Profit leadership because they want to do good work in the world. We make sure your resources stay aligned with your mission.

Action Oriented Results

It\'s not enough to identify a problem or set a lofty goal. Working together, we\'ll get to the specifics of getting the thing done!

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